Why America Is Free

This non-partisan enrichment curriculum produces extraordinary results by using a revolutionary combination of content and methods. It is a unique, interdisciplinary, course of study for upper elementary (typically 4th and 5th grade) students in which all senses are engaged and the students live what they are learning. Unparalleled in providing the most comprehensive, engaging, accurate account of the American Revolution and founding period, the “Why America is Free” curriculum includes the influence of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment. No subject is taught in isolation but rather as tightly integrated elements.


For six weeks, students are immersed in this era in every subject—Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Music, Philosophy, Visual Arts, Character Education, Performing Arts and Physical Education—in a hands-on study that brings this period to life like never before. These meaningful experiences and connections result in academic excitement, true learning, high-level thinking, in-depth retained knowledge, and improved behavior and decision-making.