Dear Prospective Dame,

Welcome to our Tennessee Society. Look at who we are, what we do, and why we have a common bond in those who have gone before. The ways in which we honor our ancestors, whose service and sacrifice have allowed for our freedoms today, are central to our mission of promoting our national heritage. Through historic preservation, patriotic service, and educational projects we have created a fellowship of women who protect our ideals of the past, treasure our friendships always, and encourage our future generations in love of country.

We want you to contact us and ask questions about what it means to become a Tennessee Colonial Dame. You will find us to be genuine, sociable, and hospitable to all members (new, young, and young-at-heart.) We are looking forward to your inquiry.


The Board of Managers

The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in Tennessee

Membership Inquiries in Tennessee

Membership in the organization is by sponsorship only. Members must be lineal descendants of an ancestor who rendered significant service to his country during the Colonial period before July 5, 1776. Membership is sponsored and managed by each state.

The NSCDA Constitution, Article III, sets forth the eligibility of members as follows:

MEMBERSHIP The Corporate Societies shall be composed entirely of women who are lineal bloodline descendants from an ancestor of worthy life who, residing in an American colony, rendered efficient service to our country during the Colonial period, either in the founding of a State or Commonwealth, or of an institution which has survived and developed into importance, or who shall have held an important position in a Colonial government, or who by distinguished services, shall have contributed to the founding of our nation.

DATE OF ANCESTOR’S SERVICES All services which constitute a claim to membership must have been rendered before July 5, 1776, but this date shall be held to include all signers of the Declaration of Independence.