Memphis Town Committee Report     March 3, 2018


The Memphis Town Committee held its Fall Outing with a luncheon at The Hunt and Polo Club on October 12.  There were 25 members present.

The Annual Christmas Party was held at the lovely home of Dr. Buddy and Donna Flinn.  Our hosts met everyone wearing George and Martha Washington costumes.  The Catered affair was enjoyed by 70 members.

The Annual April meeting was held at the Hunt and Polo Club.  A celebrated local historian was the featured speaker, the new members were recognized with a ribbon, a moment of silence for our departed members was held.  The proposed slate of officers was presented and voted on. There were 55 members at the Annual Meeting.

We have 8 new members, one resignation, and 2 transfers to out to state chapters, one in Pa. and the other to South Carolina. We have two members returning to the Memphis Chapter.

Our dues are currently at 100% and we are a growing Town Committee!

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Thornton, Chairman