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Cynthia Harris and Pam Shampain

Our Mission

Travellers Rest Historic Museum, Inc. is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the Overton home and serving as a gateway for learners of all ages to explore and experience Nashville’s historic past. Travellers Rest engages a national audience while contributing to Nashville’s future, preserving regional history, and inspiring learners from all backgrounds and of all ages.

The invitation you accepted didn’t come from a friend or relative...

…and it was not a social request. It was a “sacred obligation” to honor and preserve the history of our origins, and to foster interest and understanding, not among the few, but for the many. Not for the purpose of entertainment, but to “stimulate a spirit of true patriotism and a genuine love of country.”

We live in difficult times. So many of our citizens have forgotten what this country was built on. Cooperation has given way to division and love of country often takes a back seat to love of comfort and possessions. Our sisters and brothers are not misguided, just misinformed. The story of our origins still has the power to inspire good women and men, but only if our voice is louder, and our efforts further reaching.

The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America works to inspire all people to understand and honor our origins as a nation. We understand that by promoting respect for the people, places and events that led to the formation of our country, we can inspire the patriotism of our fellow citizens. Our service honors the wisdom and valor of those whose sacrifices and achievements gave birth to our great nation.

The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America works to inspire all people to understand and honor our origins as a nation.